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Posted: February 23, 2011 in Weird

Jeez, in my business if you do stuff like this you lose all your credibility… not in pro sports.  It’s almost expected that an athlete should endorse anything for money.  Do you think Sundin and Gretzky actually eat Big Macs?

I wonder if Janet Gretzky calls him “Mr. Fancy Stick” in bed?  Hilariously awkward.

And in honor of the Leafs/Habs game tomorrow:

God could we use Sundin now… GO LEAFS GO!


Goalies and Drummers

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Good Stuff, Weird

Rick DiPietro of the Islanders got KO’d last night by Penguin Brent Johnson in a goalie scrap.  It was the first goalie fight I had seen in a while.  Here’s the video:

I may be a bit of a hypocrite, but I love goalie fights (in general I think hockey could do without fighting).  They always seem awkward and funny… like a sumo suit fight:

After I saw this fight last night I began to think about how different goalies are and the type of people who choose to be them.  It’s such a lonely position with so much pressure.  The goalie looks different, skates different and are probably one of the most talked about players on the team.  You always hear how the goalies are the weird guys.

Drummers remind me of goalies.  They’re the only guy in the band who sits, they bash and crash and don’t have to worry about melody or harmony, they carry all the pressure to keep the band together because if the drummer screws up everybody notices. They are also the lone guy doing what he does in the band (with the rare exception of course – Kylesa, The Band, Slipknot).

Our first full US tour was opening for the Buzzcocks in 2003 and I remember Pete Shelly in his little British voice telling me that the drummers are the most important, they are the conductors of the band.  This couldn’t be any more true especially with the Buzzcocks, they would just blast threw their set and it never mattered if the guitar or bass players made mistakes because the drummer Phil Barker would always hold it together.  He was also a bit of weird guy (check out his side project – Think/Tank) but in a good way.

Our drummer – God bless him – is definitely a strange one.  For years whenever he would meet people he would introduce himself in a monotone robot voice saying, “hello, my name is Aaron, I am a robot”. people would always laugh; but what a first impression!

With Goalies and Drummers I think it’s awesome and sort of courageous to volunteer to all the pressure of their positions. And as for the weirdness, that makes them so much cooler.

Here are my two favourite drummer videos ever:

And arguably the best drummer ever:

The Price is Wrong…

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Weird

Yesterday TSN reported that Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are going to appear on “The Price is Right” next week.

They will also be joined by Jeremy Roenick to introduce an NHL-themed showcase that includes a trip to the Winter Classic on new years day.

In honor of this news here is Bob Barker beating up the hockey mad Happy Gilmore:

And a funny Price is Right moment:

The show with Crosby and Ovechkin airs Monday.

Jason Spaz….za

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Weird

The Billy Talent lighting guy for the last 4 or 5 years is my dear friend Dan Maynard.   He fits in great with our band and crew.  He’s down to earth, a hard worker and a huge sports fan.  Him and I talk endlessly about hockey.  The bastard has won our hockey pool 3 years in a row; 1 year beating me on the last day by 1 freaking point!  Twice I finished a close second and once third!  Not this year Maynard!!!

Anyway, Dan lives in Vancouver so when we’re off the road we often communicate via text messaging.  One day I was hanging out at home and I got a text from Dan telling me to check out Jason’s Spezza’s laugh… it was just ridiculus he said.  He told me to just Google “Spezza laughing”.

And now I just can’t get enough:

And another:

I love the slow motion!

How does that happen to someone?  I imagine he must get ripped in the dressing room.  If I was around I would make it my only purpose just to make Spezza laugh at all times.

Don’t Lose Yourself OV

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Weird

"Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!

Word on the street is that Alex Ovechkin is going to try playing on Eminem’s wing.  The Toronto Sun was reporting that OV is set to lay down some rhymes on one of Eminem’s up and coming recordings.

Apparently there is some red tape between the NHL and Eminem to work out; but Ovechkin is excited about it,  “It would be such an honour for me, because I am a big fan of Eminem,” Ovechkin told Russia’s Life Sports website. “I always have his CDs in my car, and I would be very glad to meet him. By the way, Eminem’s 8 Mile film is just great.”

This won’t be Ovechkin’s first experience in a recording studio. The sniper had previously collaborated on a song with Russian rapper Zhigan.

I personally don’t think that this will happen.  I don’t see Eminem doing it… doesn’t seem to fit and I can’t see OV being very skilled on the Mic.  However, if they were to do a video maybe he could rock the old goalie mask again:

I tried to find some stuff from this Zhigan guy; but can’t find anything.  The video’s I watched were all written in Russian and sung in Russian.  I couldn’t tell if I was watching the right guy.  If anyone out there can provide some of his music or even has the Ovechkin collaboration I’d greatly appreciate a link!

Disco Guy?!

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Weird

So many athletes attempt the “cross over”.  They’ll try anything from movies, to music, to broadcasting… most are terrible but some are just weird.

Here’s a clip that Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion (big LA Kings fan) told me about.  He spent at least $3 in cell phone charges downloading this for me when we played a gig with them recently in Poland.  It only seems fair that I share it here.

Check out this tune by the great Guy Lafleur.  One of the best players of all time making one of the worst songs of all time.  Some people should just stick to what they are good at.

Nice hockey tips though.