Deadline Dud

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Good Stuff

The media hype for the trade deadline has become so big that it now sets up the day to be a failure of excitement.  For the last few years the media build up to the trade deadline has been getting bigger and bigger.  The hype obviously works because I – like so many other hockey fans – tuned to TSN and the Fan 590 all day waiting for the big trade that would turn the Leafs around and take us to the promise land.

We got a 7th round pick for John Mitchell.  YAY!

That being said, there have been some surprising trades over the last month taking most of the flare out of deadline day action.  I still can’t believe Pittsburg landed Neal and Colorado traded Stewart or even that the Leafs managed to land 2 first round picks for this years draft.

The two biggest moves on deadline day were Jason Arnott to Washington and Dustin Penner to LA.  I like these players for these teams.  Penner is going to do great in LA.  He’s huge and dominant when motivated… remember how effective he was for Anaheim when they won their cup?  Same with Arnott for Washington; a huge center that will really give the other Capital players some room, he has also scored a Stanley Cup winning goal.

All in all, a boring day.

Here are some trades bands have made to improve their rosters:


  • Pearl Jam traded Drummer Dave Krusen for Jack Irons, who would be traded for ex Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron.
  • Nirvana trade drummer Chad Channing for Dave Grohl.
  • The most famous trade, the Beatles traded Pete Best for Ringo Starr.
  • Metallica trade Dave Mustaine for Kirk Hammett (courtesy of forkstuckintheroad)
  • Green Day traded John Kiffmeyer for Tré Cool in 1990 (courtesy of forkstuckintheroad)


  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers traded John Frusciante for Dave Navarro (thank god they traded back for John!)
  • Van Halen traded David Lee Roth for Sammy Hagar
  • Slash, Izzy, Duff and everyone else from Gn’R for all the other jobbers Axel hired.
  • Metallica traded Jason Newsted for Robert Trujillo (Trujillo is awesome, just not in Metallica)

If you can think of anymore big band trades leave them in the comments section.

  1. forkstuckintheroad says:

    Green Day traded John Kiffmeyer for Tré Cool in 1990. I’d definitely count that as win!
    Apart from that, I have no ideas. But wasn’t there something with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett in the early ’80s?

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