Posted: February 23, 2011 in Weird

Jeez, in my business if you do stuff like this you lose all your credibility… not in pro sports.  It’s almost expected that an athlete should endorse anything for money.  Do you think Sundin and Gretzky actually eat Big Macs?

I wonder if Janet Gretzky calls him “Mr. Fancy Stick” in bed?  Hilariously awkward.

And in honor of the Leafs/Habs game tomorrow:

God could we use Sundin now… GO LEAFS GO!

  1. forkstuckintheroad says:

    Oh my God, Gretzky does McDonald’s commercials. Never thought he’d be in need of something like that. I hope you’ll never do that, seriously.
    But I like that Nike commercial. Made my day!
    And Maple Leafs won the game!

  2. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    That Nike commercial was priceless.

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