Grabo should grab the A in Toronto

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Good Stuff

Ok, sorry about this; but I have to do a post about the Leafs.

The talk in town is that Kaberle will be traded to the Bruins.  It could happen anytime and if it does and the Leafs do not give Kaberle’s assistant capitan designation to Mikhail Grabovski somebody is smoking crack in Leaf Land (or even more crack then usual).

My argument is this:

  • He plays both ends of the ice and now even kills penalties.
  • He is the team leading scorer and has been consistent all year-long.
  • He came to camp prepared to improve his game and brings it every night.
  • He plays hard in the corners and scores big goals.
  • Based on his improved English and that his Canadian girlfriend had his baby; he has obviously worked hard to fit into the culture of Toronto.
  • Above all, he leads by example and is looking a lot like Doug Gilmour doing it.

Check out his winning goal from last night.  A great solo effort and coming a shift after he was nailed on a big hit by Chara (1:30):



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