Cat Fight

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Good Stuff

After the Rick Dipietro vs. Brent Johnson and the Tim Thomas vs. Carey Price goalie fights this past week, talk about goalie fights have been all the rage in the hockey world.

My favorite of all time has to be the Felix Potvin vs. Ron Hextall fight way back on November 10th 1996.  I remember the fight quite clearly.  I was watching the game in the bar at West Wood Arena in Toronto.  My mens league hockey team The Knights played there.  Our team would sit in the bar after the game eating wings, drinking beer and watching sports.  Usually it was football because it was a Sunday league; but for some reason the Leafs/Flyers game was on the tube.

The game ended – the Leafs lost surprise, surprise – and then a scrum broke out.  It’s funny when you’re at a bar with a hockey game on the TV; if a fight breaks out everyone stops what they are doing and focuses on the action.  Even if they don’t like that part of the game.  Anyway, everyone sees Hextall skating down the ice to fight and I’m sure we thought that Potvin was a dead man.  We couldn’t believe what unfolded.  Here’s the video:

Potvin (when your wearing blue and white coloured glasses) kicked his ass!  He split him open above the eye.

Did anyone notice that John Kordic was playing for the the Flyers?  He’s a topic for a whole other blog.

Here are some other good videos:

  1. linc says:

    Agreed best goalie fight ever. Potvin is still my fav leafs goalie

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