Goalies and Drummers

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Good Stuff, Weird

Rick DiPietro of the Islanders got KO’d last night by Penguin Brent Johnson in a goalie scrap.  It was the first goalie fight I had seen in a while.  Here’s the video:

I may be a bit of a hypocrite, but I love goalie fights (in general I think hockey could do without fighting).  They always seem awkward and funny… like a sumo suit fight:

After I saw this fight last night I began to think about how different goalies are and the type of people who choose to be them.  It’s such a lonely position with so much pressure.  The goalie looks different, skates different and are probably one of the most talked about players on the team.  You always hear how the goalies are the weird guys.

Drummers remind me of goalies.  They’re the only guy in the band who sits, they bash and crash and don’t have to worry about melody or harmony, they carry all the pressure to keep the band together because if the drummer screws up everybody notices. They are also the lone guy doing what he does in the band (with the rare exception of course – Kylesa, The Band, Slipknot).

Our first full US tour was opening for the Buzzcocks in 2003 and I remember Pete Shelly in his little British voice telling me that the drummers are the most important, they are the conductors of the band.  This couldn’t be any more true especially with the Buzzcocks, they would just blast threw their set and it never mattered if the guitar or bass players made mistakes because the drummer Phil Barker would always hold it together.  He was also a bit of weird guy (check out his side project – Think/Tank) but in a good way.

Our drummer – God bless him – is definitely a strange one.  For years whenever he would meet people he would introduce himself in a monotone robot voice saying, “hello, my name is Aaron, I am a robot”. people would always laugh; but what a first impression!

With Goalies and Drummers I think it’s awesome and sort of courageous to volunteer to all the pressure of their positions. And as for the weirdness, that makes them so much cooler.

Here are my two favourite drummer videos ever:

And arguably the best drummer ever:

  1. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    As a goalie, I’ll elaborate a little.

    It’s not that most goalies are weird, it’s that our sense of humour tends to be a little on the Monty-Python side of things. But hey, we need that humour! It helps us relax and loosen up a bit, something that’s important before going into a big game, or after the game after we’ve faced a couple dozen shots.

    I’ve never really thought about the position being lonely however, if the play isn’t at my end of the ice, then I’m usually watching the other end like a hawk, shouting instructions, or encouragement to our team (or making fun of the other team if they’re near-by, lol).

    It’s an awesome position, and the differences between players and goaltenders is what attracted me to it in the first place. I thrive under pressure, and overall, I’m so happy to be guarding the pipes twice a week.

    By the way, the two drummer videos you posted, the first one really reminds me of this video I saw, which is really entertaining:

    The second one gave me an idea: If Aaron is so weird, why not just kick him out and recruit that guy? He certainly knows his 8th notes, 16th notes, etc. He’s a perfect replacement!

  2. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    Gah, wrong link, (goalies, like drummers, aren’t the smartest bunch in the group)

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