Back in Black…or Red… or Silver?

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Good Stuff

Hey there,

It’s been a while, but I have a few excuses. My wife and I had a little baby girl and the first two months have been an adjustment.  Lot’s of sleepless nights, but I think we may have a future defense(wo)man for the Canadian Olympic team on our hands?  Also, the band has been doing a lot of rehearsing lately working out the new material for our next album.  These two things have been taking up the majority of my time these days; but things have settled down with the baby and routines are starting to surface so I’m getting back to the blog.

First of all let me introduce you to the BILLY TALENT RED WINGS:

This awesome team was sponsored by the band.  We gave them a little bit of money to put toward their season and buy their uniforms.  They play in the Moss Park Hockey League which is committed to the promotion of equitable access to organized hockey programs for people living in the local community. The leagues philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity and access to the resources necessary to ensure their participation and development.  The opportunities are seen as an investment and provide children regardless of social status, nationality or gender with opportunities to grow morally, physically, socially and emotionally in an organized and structured environment.

If the above paragraph makes me sound smart it’s because I lifted it right from their mission statement on their website.  Check out the league, they do good work.

The guy with the hat is Paul Dineen, he approached me about the donation.  He plays defense on my hockey team and he and his wife coach the Wings.  Good people doing good things!

Anyway, a lot has happened in hockey the last 2 months, here are my thoughts on some of them:

The World Junior Tourney:

The Russian junior team upset the Canadian juniors with an incredible third period comeback.  Funny story about this game.  I had PVR’d/TVO’d the game because I had to move a table across town with the help of my buddy Vance.  We got back to my place and started watching the game about an hour behind the live broadcast.   Sometimes negligence can get the best of me and because I hadn’t cleaned out the hard drive of my PVR receiver I ran out of space as it was recording.  The recording stopped after the 2nd period and we were gutted because we were enjoying the game up until that moment, the Canadian’s were destroying them.  When we flipped it over to the live broadcast, the Canadian’s were collecting their medals; but they looked sad and the medals looked silver. Vance and I looked at each other a bit confused and started pointing out the strange things that were happening… silver medals? Sad faces? Did the lose?  No way!  They couldn’t have?!  Sure enough the truth was revealed and we were absolutely shocked.  I’m still shocked actually.  The only good thing was that we didn’t have to watch it happen.

Anyway, good for the Russian team and I’m glad they partied so hard that they got booted off their flight home.  That’s pretty great in my opinion, people need to have fun in life and that was the time for it.

The Winter Classic:

This is a strange event in my opionion because I don’t need to have hockey “sold” to me, and basically that is what this game is for.  I tried to keep an open mind and enjoy the spectacle of it all and eventually warmed to the point of the event.  I thought it was cool that the two teams walked onto the ice side by side.   I couldn’t help but visualize fierce Gladiators entering the ring, armoured up and battle ready. The kings and their people waiting for blood in the stadium stands.  The hype was enormous, especially with the cast of characters playing in the game and the HBO series documenting the event.  Pity about the weather, but as a whole I thought it was great.

One thing that was a major bother was the terrible camera angles.  I’ve been watching hockey my whole life and I’ve never had problems following the puck; but it was brutal in this broadcast.  NBC also had problems switching cameras; often the screen would go black between two different camera angles.   I was forced to watch the US broadcast for about half the game because the weather delay pushed it into conjunction with the Leaf game that was being broadcast on CBC.   The US broadcast is usually tailored to the casual fan resulting in basic commentary geared at educating rather than analyzing.  Sometimes that can be annoying… I guess I’m spoiled by the CBC’s experience in hockey broadcasting.

The worst part was the Sid the Kid concussion at the end of the 2nd period.  This sucks royally.  I hope for Crosby’s sake and the NHL’s that it doesn’t destroy his career.  If anything it has caused a major uproar against head shots.  Maybe the NHL will start to think a little more proactive about this stuff and come up with a hard-line.  How about this:  NO HEAD SHOTS.

The All Star game:

I really enjoyed all the All Star stuff they did this year.  Having the draft was great and seeing Phil Kessel get picked last seemed very appropriate to me as a Leaf fan.  What else could happen?  We’ve had a terrible season, why not have the worst All Star?  I thought he handled it very well though.  I really like Kessel and hope he has an awesome career.  I think the guy is misunderstood and gets a lot of unnecessary heat.  The guys in the band and I have this saying, “Shy/Asshole Confusion” and I think this happens with Kessel.  It’s when people confuse shy and awkward behavior with asshole behavior.  Sometimes people come across as an asshole; but they are just socially awkward or shy.  Throw a guy like that into the cynical world of sports entertainment and you can compound that confusion ten fold.  Here is a great pick from the Toronto Star from the draft night:

Poor Phil… I kinda wanna give him a hug.

Thanks for checking in!  I’ll be updating more frequently as the NHL kicks into the unoffical second half of the season.


  1. PedagoNet says:

    Thanks for the news.
    Here is more news about the NHL farm teams:

  2. Hannah Mee says:

    Whoa! I am really impressed with the fact that this team are allowing both genders in the same team, that really is something. I mean I don’t expect other sports to catch on and do the same very soon, but I seriously want to be alive to see the day where a multi-gender football (soccer?) team walks out onto a pitch! Good going Ian.

    Hannah x

  3. Jessica says:

    Um… a glaring omission from your hockey news update is Kyle Wellwood’s return to the NHL.

  4. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    Welcome back!

    First of all, congratulations on your daughter, I’m sure she’s a hand full, but future Olympic athlete or not, parenting is always worth the effort.

    Also, congratulations on financing the Red Wings! It’s important for teams to be supported, it really makes a difference to the morality of the team, not to mention, having new uniforms is always great. Also, being sponsored by Billy Talent sure beats the hell out of this year’s sponsor for my team: Jack Astors.

    I missed this year’s Winter Classic…..actually, I don’t think I’ve seen it since it was played in Buffalo a couple years ago. However, I wholeheartedly support the idea. I think it’s a great way to draw interest to the game, while still maintaining the class and old-time feel that people love about the NHL.

    I could comment on everything you elaborated on, All-Star game, World Junior championships, but both were disappointments, (as a goaltender, I can’t bring myself to supporting a game where the final score is 11-10, it’s just too painful to watch).

    However, glad to have the blog updated again!

  5. Dirty Dangle says:

    Saw your blog mentioned in the Toronto Star today… Really enjoyed your writing and hope you can keep this blog updated leading up to the Juno Cup!


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