On the O-mark

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Good Stuff

Another beauty prospect for the Oilers.  Linus Omark has some great hands.  If you’re a hockey fan you’ve already seen his “controversial” shootout winner against Tampa from the other night (Dec 10th).  If you haven’t here it is again:

It was considered controversial because of the fancy 360 he did at the red line.  Martin St. Louis from Tampa suggested that it was unnecessary, classless and a “slap in the face”.  What a joke!  In my opinion anyone complaining from Tampa looks like a sore loser.  It’s the shootout for crying out loud; it’s supposed to be entertaining!  Besides, Omark was the one putting it all out there; if he had  missed he would have looked like a jack ass.  Player’s have been commenting that he’s young and cocky… I say bullocks to that.  The shootout is lame anyway, the players could at least make it entertaining.

Omark has another famous shootout goal, this one is amazing:

It was copied by Pavel Datsyuk a few months later:

He’s amazing!!

The shootout is a display of pure skill.  The moves these players make to try and score (statistically they miss more often) are incredible.  Moves like these can’t be done during a game, so it’s nice to see what these guys are actually capable of especially when it means something.

  1. Hampe says:

    So proud to be swede XD

  2. Hampe says:

    but i must say. Omark’s penalty are better than Datsyuk’s 😛

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