OV is Killing me!

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Good Stuff

Ovechkin is pissing me off.  Where are the bloody goals?!

Is it because he scored so much so young (goals, that is)?  Is it because the Capitals are again near the top of the standings?  Is it because he has won so many individual awards? Is it all the campy magazine cover’s, news features and fanfare?  What is going on here!

Some how he seems to have lost his killer instinct… his mojo… or what ever else you want call it.  He is still near the top in points scoring; but he’s not scoring goals at his regular pace.  He had a three assist performance the other night; but I’m beginning to think that it’s because he plays with Semin and Backstrom.  Who’s making who better now?  It’s starting to look like he’s riding their coattails.

Also, I find it strange that the Crosby/Ovechkin banter is nowhere to be heard this year.   I never thought the argument would end because it was always enticing.  Crosby the humble, committed work horse who wills points ugly or beautiful.  He ‘s got the cup, the gold medal and is the poster boy for Canadian hockey – and Tim Hortons –  VS Alex the Great, a tank that powers his way to dominating the scoring race and the highlight reel; adding to his personal trophy case year after year.  MVP as selected by his peers, “the best player in hockey”.

Not this year.  The only talk is of Crosby and Stamkos.  Unless its bizarre talk about OV’s dinner dates with his buddy Ilya Kovalcuk – He was caught laughing it up with Kovalcuk after Washington’s 5-0 loss to the Devils.

It appears that complacency has set in.  Besides winning the Cup or Olympic gold (which should motivate any player) what else is there for him to accomplish?  He’s got the millions needed to live a life most could only dream of.  Has Ovechkin decided to just go along for the ride?  Why work hard and destroy your body to keep up this pace?

This happens with bands all the time.  Some bands struggle for years and when they finally make it they lose the hunger that got them to the top.  They rest on their laurels throwing off motivation which leads to complacency and poor artistic effort.

Objectively, I really don’t think Ovechkin has reached this point yet; but it’s beginning to irritate me that he’s not the story or the goal scorer he has been since he entered the league.  I got him in my pool for crying out loud!  Start dominating!  I picked you because your consistent and supreme! Picked second over all to Crosby (my buddy Miska picked Crosby first)!

Not only that; STOP HITTING ON MY WIFE!!!

This picture of my wife with Ovechkin  was taken by my friend Dustin at the 2009 Much Music Video Awards.  I missed the chance encounter and was very jealous because I didn’t get to meet him.  He looks pretty happy with his arm around my wife.  I would have hated to have to take him out if he had tried to get fresh with her.

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