1/2 a Dozen Disgusting Donuts

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Good Stuff

Man, the Leafs suck! They just got shut out by the Oilers. It’s so painful. The 6th time this year they’ve been shut out.

Ugg… What are they going to do?  I’m on the fire Ron Wilson bandwagon now for sure.  Can you believe I watched the whole game?

  1. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    I miss our 2003 team. Sundin, Roberts, Domi, Mogilny, Belfour, Tucker, Kaberle, hell, even Nik Antropov.
    That was the last time the Leafs were close to contenders. Everything was clicking, our chemistry, our coaching staff, in fact, looking back on it, things were pretty good.

    These Leafs lack everything that team had. What’s worse is the brief taste of success we enjoyed at the beginning of the season. Man, was I looking forward to the Leafs a month and a bit ago. If only i knew what the rest of the season holds.

    On topic, I too am on the fire Wilson band wagon, but I don’t know how likely it’s going to happen as long as the relationship between him and Burke is steady. I think a line-up change is going to happen first before Wilson is fired.

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