Jason Spaz….za

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Weird

The Billy Talent lighting guy for the last 4 or 5 years is my dear friend Dan Maynard.   He fits in great with our band and crew.  He’s down to earth, a hard worker and a huge sports fan.  Him and I talk endlessly about hockey.  The bastard has won our hockey pool 3 years in a row; 1 year beating me on the last day by 1 freaking point!  Twice I finished a close second and once third!  Not this year Maynard!!!

Anyway, Dan lives in Vancouver so when we’re off the road we often communicate via text messaging.  One day I was hanging out at home and I got a text from Dan telling me to check out Jason’s Spezza’s laugh… it was just ridiculus he said.  He told me to just Google “Spezza laughing”.

And now I just can’t get enough:

And another:

I love the slow motion!

How does that happen to someone?  I imagine he must get ripped in the dressing room.  If I was around I would make it my only purpose just to make Spezza laugh at all times.

  1. Miss_Jo says:

    that is so funny!! xD
    i’m putting it on repeat 😛

  2. michael s says:

    I love you and the rest of the guys at billy talent!!! But getting to the point, your blog is great I love reading it and Jason Spezza’s laugh is hilarious!

  3. forkstuckintheroad says:

    God, this made my day! Thanks, Jon!

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