Jordan Eberle is amazing!

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Good Stuff

The season has begun and there are already a few good stories to talk about.  The Penguins lost to their arch rival Flyers to open their brand new arena; is that a bad sign?  The Red Wings easily handled the Ducks 4-0, a shut out win for a cup favorite.  My beloved Leafs surprised the Habs in their home opener, thankfully starting the season on the right foot.  But most impressive to me was the Edmonton Oilers spanking the Flames in the battle of Alberta.

What an exciting time to be an Oilers fan!  They can sit back and watch as these wonderful young players develop into what should be an awesome team.  In the meantime the players can play under low pressure because nobody expects them to win.  They can make mistakes and know that it’s not the end of the world… the best way to learn and develop.

Jordan Eberle in his first game scored an amazing goal and added an assist overshadowing solid debuts from fellow rookie phenoms Taylor Hall and Magnus Paajarvi.

Here is the goal:

What an unbelievable toe drag and backhand move beating one of the best goalies in the NHL.  Eberle has scored great goals in every league he has played in and is going to be an amazing NHLer.  He may even win Rookie of the Year.

The cool thing about this Oiler team is that they really seem to be a good group.  I don’t think there is enough focus on the importance of a good dressing room.  When a team get’s along great – like a family –  the power of that camaraderie can win a lot of games. Player’s work harder, they play for each other, they have fun, and they relax.  I think all champion teams have this formula.  Last year’s champs the Blackhawks talked about how great their dressing room was all the time.  The Oilers have that same feeling.  You can see evidence of this from the post game interviews after their first game.  All the players were cracking jokes about Eberle’s goal.  He was hogging it, he should have passed it to an open Horcoff, he was so selfish he ruined Hall’s big debut.  TSN edited a great video of his team mates busting his balls.  Here is a link:  (This may not work for everyone because of copyright laws).  The best thing about it was Eberle played right along, saying things like next time he’ll just dump it in the corner and chase it down and try to keep his game more simple.

This type of banter brings guys together.  I can relate to this so much.  When my band is touring everyone needs to be on the same page, not only the band but also our crew.  On average we are traveling with about 12 guys on 1 bus for weeks at a time.  You can imagine the effect 1 bad apple could have on the group.  It makes touring life miserable and trickles down to the quality of our performance.  When you have a good group, where everyone works hard, takes pride in their job/role, gets along and works within the team Billy Talent shows are amazing and touring is a ton of fun.  We joke and rip on each other all the time, you learn to give it and take it and it helps with the camaraderie.

Watching the Oiler interviews after their game and seeing them have fun at Eberle’s expense was an example of team bonding at it’s best.  It’s going to be exciting to watch these guys grow as a team and turn the Oilers around.

  1. Tara A. says:

    k so I hate hockey yet I am still here reading this blog because I abso love billy talent
    see what you’ve done by making us love you? XD

  2. craigmedlin says:

    Hey Jon. I’m not the biggest follower of hockey and I’m sure you know more about the locker room stuff than I do, but these guys seemed legitimately pissed off at this guy, which was quite surprising to me. I guess it would make more sense that they were just busting his balls though. Nice read.


  3. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    Jordan Eberle has pretty much turned into Canadian Jesus. Performing miracles everywhere he goes. It seems anything he touches turns into gold (or World Junior Champion Gold) Get it? I’m hilarious, I know.

    And not only did the Leafs beat the Habs, but we dominated the Sens 5-1. In a Leafs season, it doesn’t matter how many games we win or lose, as long as we beat those teams, I’m happy.

    We’re also 2-0-0! I’m already planning the Stanley Cup parade!

  4. Zach says:

    I’m a fan of the oilers and Billy Talent, I can’t wait to see this season unfold, last year I beginning to worry about them, I’m not saying one players gonna make the team but when I see them joking together and making the effort I know I’ll enjoy this season. Have this site bookmarked :).

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