Good Bye Crazy Eyes

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Good Stuff

I was wondering if he’d come back this year; but Darcy Tucker called it a career.

The last few years it seemed Tucker was only a shadow of his former self and now at 35 has decided to retire.  He was a player driven by testosterone.  At his best he was running around hitting everything, getting dirty in front of the net and being a major distraction for the opposing team.  More than often when a player like Tucker ages and those testosterone levels dip they struggle to find a new role.  Most use their experience to adjust into a role player good at both ends of the ice while others just bounce from team to team with hopes to find the game that once had made them successful.   I don’t think I’d be too far off by suggesting that his best years came in a Toronto Maple Leaf uniform, especially those first few years when veterans like Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk were there to keep him in control and bring out his best.

Tucker had some great moments and I really liked him in his early years as a Leaf.  Leaf fans got used to seeing his crazy faces and sometimes you’d wish he would just go to the box, or just cool it; but to his credit for a small guy he played big, intense and with heart.  It’s sad to see another great NHL character retire.  Here’s a great video tribute made to Offsprings ‘Defy You’ on youtube made by BrettRules69:

And some classic Darcy Tucker pictures:

  1. Great to see hockey fans writing about hockey. Love the Tucker pictures. Was my fav player on the Leafs for years. This blog has now found my favorites and it would be great to get an interview with you and just talk hockey!

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