Don’t Lose Yourself OV

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Weird

"Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!

Word on the street is that Alex Ovechkin is going to try playing on Eminem’s wing.  The Toronto Sun was reporting that OV is set to lay down some rhymes on one of Eminem’s up and coming recordings.

Apparently there is some red tape between the NHL and Eminem to work out; but Ovechkin is excited about it,  “It would be such an honour for me, because I am a big fan of Eminem,” Ovechkin told Russia’s Life Sports website. “I always have his CDs in my car, and I would be very glad to meet him. By the way, Eminem’s 8 Mile film is just great.”

This won’t be Ovechkin’s first experience in a recording studio. The sniper had previously collaborated on a song with Russian rapper Zhigan.

I personally don’t think that this will happen.  I don’t see Eminem doing it… doesn’t seem to fit and I can’t see OV being very skilled on the Mic.  However, if they were to do a video maybe he could rock the old goalie mask again:

I tried to find some stuff from this Zhigan guy; but can’t find anything.  The video’s I watched were all written in Russian and sung in Russian.  I couldn’t tell if I was watching the right guy.  If anyone out there can provide some of his music or even has the Ovechkin collaboration I’d greatly appreciate a link!

  1. Mitchell Zarycki says:

    I’ve never really liked Ovechkin simply for that reason, he’s always focused too much on his fame and fortune than focusing on the sport than made him the man he is. He’s let his celebrity status get to his head, and you can see them in his quotes and activities outside of hockey.

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