Rookie Introduction

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Good Stuff

My band is off the road to work on our next record.  It’s been about a month since our last show and now that I’ve caught up with my home life boredom has set in.  Perfect timing… hockey season is about to begin.

Most people know me as Jon Gallant the bass player from the band Billy Talent, but people who really know me would know that I’m a hockey nut.  I’m quite pathetic; I spent the summer touring cycle with my band dredging the Internet at all possible moments between the travel, the shows, and our interviews for any piece of NHL news.  Being from Toronto I would always start my search with hopes of Toronto Maple Leaf headlines.  Ben ( the singer of my band for people who don’t know his name) and I would talk for an hour about meaningless Leaf news such as the signing of Marcel Mueller from the German professional League.  “Would he be a diamond in the rough?” “Did you hear Brian Burke traveled all the way to Germany to meet and sign him in person?”  The two of us would always end up in a conversation that we’ve had over and over about the merits of Brian Burke and the hopeful turnaround of our beloved Leafs.  Our NHL addictions satisfied with the signing of another Leaf dart in the wall.  Hope will never die in Toronto!!

Anyway, that brings me to the creation of this blog.  Just like NHL hockey players I’m an entertainer.  We travel for long periods of time, seeing the world playing in front of large crowds, doing something for a living that we would have been doing recreationally anyway.  Dreams that came true!

This is an outsiders view; but on the inside both myself and any pro hockey player would tell you that it’s a roller coaster ride of good times, hard work, practice and sacrifice.  It doesn’t come easy, but the success is worth it all.

My blog will be driven by my love for Hockey, but will have a unique spin to it.  I’ll try to relate it to my own music career and keep the music theme involved as much as I can.  For example: Did you know that former Edmonton Oiler first round pick Boyd Devereaux co-owns a Michigan-based record label called Elevation Recordings?  Or that former Detroit Red Wing Enforcer Darren McCarty has his own band called Grinder?  Check out this tune and others on youtube:

You get the idea.  I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and maybe sign up to it.  I’ll try my best to keep it fresh and entertaining.

Thanks for reading!

Here I am at about 8 years old… future hockey star… I mean hockey blogger:

  1. Kevin Pinto says:

    Hey Jon, this might be a lil long but plz read!!! wow this is such a great idea for yours, knowing that you LOOOVE HOCKEY!!. Welli I know your soooo busy with BT and stuff but now u got some time off. For years and years Ive been wanting to just ask you guys a question. Right now im in a band; the drummer and me(guitar,keys,sing) hes into alot of like softer mellow bluesy stuff, while im on the “rock,riff side” not too heavy not too light. Its very hard to come to an even ground because Ill write the guitar lines etc and he’ll be like ehhhh, its not really his thing. How should we come to an even ground?, how did you guys do it when you first started out? Were there times where you were like ok Ian this riff sucks….Because right now music is my life and I would love to do what you guys do one day, and I just dont feel it when we jam together… 😦

    thanks Jonny G!

    I know its a LOOONG SHOT but if ur really bored, could you do an interview with me on like skype or something? Its for my media class… Yeahhhhh, If u have the time. Just msg me

  2. Johanie says:

    Ha ha, cute picture!

    If you have a game scheduled sometime and want people to cheer for your team, let us know! I’m from Montreal but I would have gone to Toronto for Road Hockey if it happened during the week-end.

    Keep writin’… …and rockin’!

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